My Indigenous Creed + Passport (Cheers to Gary Jagamarra)

Several phases of history ago; it was proven in court that the family at 41 Amor St, Asquith; these roberts that when you look at their family there are absolutely no genotypal indicators in the appearances of them as individual as family, as well as in this court case it was also proven that Neill Anthony Roberts is impotent!

This is as a build-me-up around me the main internet found is a install by religious ordinances. See I have not parents, there is nothing like you would say with the things people notice with me like mentions of “self consumption rights” and so on that I know I have nothing in principle before me being primordial.

It was so important for people for some reason cause I am use to knowing I am primordial and part by measure primary; we’re they were divorced in court and I found the indigenous firmer Gary Jagamarra who basically adopted through legal tend and set my identification correct to my 4 letter name Tanty Leshy Syruiex Cipherhouse; on the books; me but will tell you see that indigenous flag below M8747409:-


That means and the same flag on the front that I am indigenous as well what has done that in the passport people computers cause there is a few like this with me that have had fake family illustrated around them; has all the previous court transcripts our adoption papers etc.

Which that passport should reflect now seeming there is still a physical reference placed in the walk-about omphfa in the machine and me. What I would lijke to know is why these bloberts cause believe me fat for me is a type as ECE a type of outside of extraterrestrial is a emaciated and my they will need probably in the mini-skirt edition a 20 tonne truck to move just as individuals down the street.

Where I have endless trouble these people have built up a fake profile for me again this Simon Antony Roberts as part of they’ll suncorp and banking and thievery and I have nothing to do with them; they poise as family and they don’t look black; and green is a type of black btw. Where there is nothing wrong with my health; they the one that are with gross delusional grandeur’s and delusional; cause they seem to think they are my parents and there is no indigenous stamp or will be on their passports..


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