A drink only seen and enjoyed by Americans!

They say Sarsaparilla is a drink only enjoyed by American’s; this is the true blue Australian drink any none American will never find, see or have; in fact I purchase this like Elpiniki Iosif from the Bakery just next to LDF Tattoo’s on Illawarra Rd in Marrickville, and any time we go in something will walk in and the fridge will transform to just stuff like Coke-a-cola and generic brands and we have to wait again for itself to leave and where the coke was it will go back to Sarsaparilla.

In fact only recorded recently with Walter Cahill purchase by him did I drink it mixed with anything which is Bourbon, so you know not all those Bourbon and cokes at his place is coke at all it is Sarsaparilla. This is also like ordering or getting a rather unique drink of mine and my family and friends over the bar of a “Bloody Mary” which is Tomato Juice, Black pepper and Tabasco sauce.2015-05-24-111715_3 2015-05-24-111715_2 2015-05-24-111715_3 2015-05-24-111639_3