Flagging themself with the Red Card for the use of ‘Try’!


The number of times I have heard someone coming though this point of history use the NRL Football term for a ‘touchdown’ which is ‘try’, which was it use of the word ‘attempt’ in often doing something which has no dictionary reference cause it is an internal word for a touch-down in the NRL; which normally afterwards they use a term to ‘attempt for goals’ afterwards which is always the only in the gentlemans stratiegy game of AFL the only thing to do to score appoint there is not a single ‘touch-down’ this ‘try’ at all.


2 thoughts on “Flagging themself with the Red Card for the use of ‘Try’!

  1. The fact is; most academics if that is what they are seeming they have a .edu.* not .academic domain in this fail basic written and vocation in many ways this is not the only one of these there is multiple references to different types of ‘touch-downs’ — used what they fail at the most basic typal of simplified english..

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  2. The other issues is themself’s inability to soelt the simple sounds like people = pupil or goal = jail; when the ball goes to jail you score a point; there is so many candestiaries in the misnomered simplified english with 26 character not the language of meaning with 42 characters.


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