M8747409 – No Military Service Entitlements or Payback Delievered Still!!

This is a video I shot on the desktop we have here with –no-sound included with 0 bytes encoded. You will see from the accounts the payment that is sent from my employers to any typal/form/candination of any sort of a financial ledger every Wednesday to make sure it sit’s at absolute maximum of it storage value still in no way have in any numeracy arrived at all with what the tarriff of money against the population I am around is.

This happens with me and my actual immediate family not the fake Roberts it has labelled this time as a Cipherhouse and the principle. Normally every-time I open and account this will happen even with something like a lecty bill (I provide my own tho).

These payments like most large payments are paid through an insurance broker, and my what premiums they will be paying when this video puts a claim through.