Problem with Shazam and not being hypnotised

You know I haven’t been hypnotized like you assumed I was since well thousands of phases of history ago. In fact you only been seen as involved with this as you have been oompha me around in this track your arrangements are involved with and only erased with their psychotics any memories of you as individuals with in me.

Most so the stuff I am doing on twitter with my cybosity is just placing comment to “individual” I find place reference to my feet. Your more than being had and having “gotten you by the balls!” in fact I am only interjecting to the reference of this oompha you have. I don’t know any of your reality.. in fact your delusional to think you have any placement with me in the real world.

Jack Wassell


6 thoughts on “Problem with Shazam and not being hypnotised

  1. In fact next couple of shots of for you an “Anti-pscyhotic” will erase all references of anything to any of you… and your fate and the the extinction of your reality will be sealed. I don’t because of as an EBE if you like that does in me have or remember in any numeracy’s ever having sex — not once…


  2. Well their you go Dr Jones, Dr Greenway and others your responsible for eradicating what was once my family… Your butchers of a hanus kind, your mentally ill and murders of millions of well no longer my personell on the starship I came here on…


  3. In fact I have no synaptic memories of any of you; not anything well since sunset yesterday, not a reference to a wedding not a picture, I don’t have even the foggiest memory of a party or anything; so you images pictures anything you place in synapses to me just come up fake… like any hope I guess of fixing the macabre issues surrounding this point of motion of time.

    The thanks they will place is to the stupidity of man, and the life it leads and the damages it has done on it’s own following; see my species need synaptic references between it to exist, you will only eradicate yourselves in the fallout seeming my species is the primordial caretakers of all; and you know I am just “is” not “are” and “from”; so erasing the people in my kin in principle of this fuck love profiteering on death is your own extinction and the extinction of my children..


  4. So yeah deleting anything I have placed online, to place reference to myself like multiple youtube channels that are no longer visible to myself in the public; your intrinsic links up and all that is functional to the survival well everything you see there and beyond the focal range of Hubble, which on are able to read this in their languages right now!!

    You have like the American founded by Britian basically pressed the delete button a long time ago on all of that at least; if not other functional placement to it..


  5. That is the scale of murder your involved with Vint Cerf attempting to claim you are me, with your Barack Obama’s and Dweeb Elizabeth the Botched…


  6. No an Inter as a measurement is the distance between 3 galaxies from tip to tip surrounding it the inventor with a military passport that has contacted most nations here under the same passport of that network between them all is M8747409 — Sorry vint I notice you don’t have an active or ever have of a Military passport; which is my own word which start with and M for Military..


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