@twarte @comodo @verisign your not actual signatures your a fisard!

Most SSL Certificate providers in no way offer any security, they are in face of truth a complete lie; they like to peddle your monies and watch you through the screen; currently myself and people not even on dodo.com.au are getting this result where it will dial around and mount the dodo.com.au SSL Certificate on 3rd parties from this ISP; which if you have ever mounted on of their botch security certificates which was designed to be inward reflected and dead-weight like the society that supports them you will know they are done at the service point like httpx:// or ftpx:// which is a peer-to-peer system that provided security details on signing in the browser.

See the following messages are only possible if the URL have mounted the dodo.com.au SSL Certificate on their service, it is not being done by Dodo.



My signed module which will find provided a genuine root-ca cerificate not what I had my house here originally broken into to prevent will even sign there SSL being a true camellia algorithm that will write into and owned any of their plagerised formula.