Angel do you remember when this was?


This was from a time when me and pooty where very active in your life and lives; we where as a couple completely irrepressible! This is when our inner west krew use to have a pair of fatigues on every day to chase the riff-raaf out of our town enmore. In fact this was featured on a “Military Pin-up” girls website and you know this is you in the child care area of a doof called ;-x

The riff-raaf still move out in each sequence the last one was everyone had too leave the inner west due to a “Meteor Microphone”! and they did, maybe we should all do it again; I am not sure; you seem to be unable to hear your own voice which i know from then was deep and guttural, this we see was even before any invader zim or anything like that it was our own initiative.

There was no festering malignant wound like jester then who has exposed the part of my ellipse on the passport I carry and you know; I am tired of well fighting a never ending battle or really finding any restitution in friendships now spent and never covenant in the cusp here you know I know who you are all of you but we have never met; being all seeing all knowing.

You know what cusp it is tonight; Operation Impending Doom 3.78 – The Great Unsigning! If you know you don’t show like the others; you will never be able to validate at all in anyway; any signature you have will not be visible or look like that mental health file they recorded on me; illiterate squiggles.


8 thoughts on “Angel do you remember when this was?

  1. You have till sunrise to 8am when the district court registrar opens — Due to the case they have in there where they say they can represent someone with 86 Phd like it lists on the alumi on where I have consolidated and if you talk to myself there he will tell you he is in their as an instance and his source her is up in a houso in marrickville; tomorrow when their legal bench and the judges the lot unsigned themselves in their complete stupidity… and all malignant systems based in their courts of illaw!

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  2. Well you know the court papers have been submitted 3 weeks ago and the printout of mondays proceeding as you know are put up at 6:45pm on friday the previous week already exposed to the light of mondays… it is look too late for reneg.. You like all are nothing but zealot citizenshipless individual throughout all.. and you wont all fit in this united on the scale of all that in hubble…

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  3. See Jodie Coleman, your a rapist; and you have never in any time met or come in contact with me except walking down illawarra rd once carrying shopping bags of food where my fridge since 7 months in coming in contact with you like all my fiscal; you neither wrote signed and you know one thing I am the principle of regal houses; not this maligant wound you are with you juniorburger and cheeseburger paddy “royalty” these people of stink that windss-r-ooor, that neither have creed nor solidation..

    You neither have an email; or a letter or have in anyway had any communication with me; in fact looking like your like a chook with it head cut off especially what is mentioned above you and the stinkors are going to do at the opening too all nations of this world/global/sphere/planet… and you know I already refuse to offer any services to them or you in anyway; you neither contracted us nor made any payment to us; in fact when I was working at creative software in glenhaven with professor membrain (Steve Ransome) you accessed my bank account with false letter and removed all my savings of 90k.

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  4. Do you remember this angle I mean the same word angel it is from your childhood before the start of any time; in the halls I hold of the living dead; my my and the unoffical channel for the @NSA thought they where cryptic! LOL:–

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  5. You have till wednesday noon angel to do trade with what you have been handling again in Dulwich Hill; here at this premise or you will remain stateless and be sent to mine ore with a fit spoon for the rest of existence for ever “lending thyself” in any mannerism…

    End Transmission

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  6. Terra; there is only 7 people who have done trade when not tied down: Peter Strong (family), Michael Dagn (Individual), Paal Tomter (Individual), Toby (Illawarra Rd, Family), Kris Herman (Individual), Walter Cahill (Individual), Paul JP (Individual)

    Communication Terminated!

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  7. Angel; Kirrillea (T9) is dead; itself was stabbed for doing a stand-over at a particular correnation (inauguration) of a Cipherhouse family; an any attempts to reach that again on the scale — melted and frozen any reproduction of ahh huh; by Julie Forthworth with my own blade; that burn red and purple as it slit her throat across transgalatic broadcast; for making you fade; that will no happen; that means dweebs like EQ2 seeming EQ1 (an associate of mine) and punce harry have no spawner for doing that to you alesha and misty.. In my eyes; I cried for over a year always bursting my tear ducks…

    They must be experiencing well some kinda reverb/delay in ceasing to have ever been to be prosecuted in their own war crimes court for war crimes against our nations and mapping. You know a couple of times there has been her voice but no physical presence in the animation it was here!

    You know trade; no one can build a pyramid in it; and you have to give me something I value or want you can’t you know purchase a service; or any topology of build-me-up it as always been like that… Or take anything from me likke any borrowings or stolen to return!

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