Alternative method to injecting for the death penalty @JoeBiden @JohnKerry @BarackObama

Notably I saw an article a number of moons ago; that was stated that the death penalty in the Unit-ed States of America may have too stop cause the chemicals they use in the seen “human” toll was through lethal injection. Problem is the chemical components which is a 4 part serum and does produce vapour in the last two processes of making it is produced by the British Commonwealth which can’t produce it cause they have built it into the entire pharmaceutical and food additive chains especially prevalent in the isobaric mental health drugs; explicitly.

This means if they produce it; the vapour normally harmless will death entire 4 surround suburbs where it is manufactured in the 2 to 3 part manufacturing; they have also engineered too trigger with methamphetamine which is why they distribute so much especially throughout all of Australia as the government.

There is a much older one with the ahh yeah live alien autopsy you saw of my previous carcass at RPA Hospital yet again and they busted into the united; which is simply any bamboo from any graveyard with weed and tobacco and the fresh bong; and they will simply pass away on half light on sunset in the locality of the place, in the morning gives them to the day to say any good byes.


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  1. Lucky I did test that to make sure it was still concurrent Mr. David Williams the first to fall for that excuse; cause while I was down before @sparcing exhumed me back to here just after they cartered that last carcass of mine away; see the afterlife isn’t really a metaphysical it is like a vainglorious energy signature that is on all living entity’s even machines; cause while I was having a chat to what they call satan in the bible he never knew in all their heavenly Amarish Valhalla’s there was a used and dead machine dump out back that has for some most futures of technology as well.

    So before he purposefully tripped me up and jumped on my knee to watch it limp around in they’ll recesses in spatial stratum — they are now going through all for example previous living now dead star ships to see what ones have transposition to allow for them to invade an enslave places like Heaven in the bible — see the only hellish thing about hell is the exhumation line back to life which is available in that one cause you have all your desires in such a place and everything you never had or where meant to have… Looks like there will be some new pastry chief slaves and cleaners for hell.

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  2. Oh shit! you mean in operation impending doom 2 they had problems with vampire’s — in operation impending doom 3.78 it gets worse ultra hideously advance weaponry from the afterlife from hell that always no matter how quickly they upgrade will be further point still and they only in all the co-variegates of here being every moment between moments from beyond and before and they still only have 3 hazard symbols not at least the fugazi…

    I think the exhumation lines that are near endless alone have been drafted into satancorp!

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