Who is Schamaine (Pooty) from Pootys BBS (Newtown)

You know when I was at Star Fleet Command BBS in cherrybrook that has run there since 1954 on world BBS with Chris McInnes (spock) and myself Simon Roberts (Cisco) we decide to look towards our end destination the Inner west for any BBS’ and the only one we could find that would pick up was Pooty’s BBS (newtown).

We paged the system operator and asked if we had a star ship who would we assign it to there; the response was ‘Angel” my own daughter; so you know we just based everything around this totally random individual we decided to enlist obviously on the back e’re foot and the way it passes wealth through blame to the next level anything in recieving all the blame in that they’ll blame game probably wont need to go to work more invest in other people forever.

Also Oh I am sure my wife leshy for me meshy will like I am changing my first name from Anton to Tanty might even consider wearing first name Oopty so people can’t make opps with her (Alesha Grey – aka Harold on http://www.hempembassy.net)


One thought on “Who is Schamaine (Pooty) from Pootys BBS (Newtown)

  1. Pooty how do you feel about some of the people what you know going from place to place look as they appear around them as it is from planet to planet; some of use your endearing friend and what it printing between us a genetic test in the backend coming back through here as each other sister and twins — would with me being the most alien there is possible like my kids would have transformed you to that… I love knowing I have a sibbling just know that…


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