Diversional Military Tactics

Diversive Military tactics with what is being used here is a very old and more or less depreciated system; the one being used here for example is when an invasion is imminent or being planed to make your part of the mapping construct to display “united” which the sound they are soelt is “unitted” not “unit-ed” as in many “units” on the ground; this is often done with a literal housing unit and what happened to @sparcing before I was present in this unit right here in 10/466 Illawarra rd where someone took to her as a baby with a pair of clagg glue scissors and cut her apart.

I have been using the same all the way through in a more modern flare; like appealing to your delusion perception with incorrect and direct truths always mixed with the correct and some incorrect analogy and and miltolgy of terms and references you place to me with reference to my feet and hands. Being a “Diverted” response leading to confusion; disarray and chaos that is uncontrollable for you to coupe with and your not working environment.

You are walking the tight rope of doom with me; your existences are terminal and flashing before your eyes; you down to a one-shot policy for particle maelstrom englufs you due to your mental health workers.

End Transmission.