Doof: See Della Real Food can Dance!

You know since starting the page I have noticed a very disturbing trend that the crowd that told Simon here they where dodgy seem to think food is some form of smorgus board of psychotropic drugs.

In fact this is very much about food; it is also a take over of what is the only encyclopedia page about any party scene at all and a take over what once read about the omnipedic sound for an explosion not now of fun.

I made that page in a place called the Codus or Dinosaur warehouse; on some equipment I found on a nokia tethered connection as it is scribe. See the one thing we are missing is the food which is something that would provide certain securities in our grouping; I still over 10 years on don’t understand why no one has order catering for these parties; like throwing what would be no more for a 3 course banquet on the door fee like $12 AUD.

See it is intended that we are meant to switch all the sound systems off at something like 2am and all go and eat together as it provided discursive groups that only happen over food; imagine the smell of spit pig in the middle of the forest or ordering film catering at club events. I been talking to Peter Strong just briefly about this. Who will remember even now me making that page in Redfern.

Food is life and the dance of life is what we protect. A lot of the original crew that created this scene which is world-wide is centred in the Inner west of Sydney; and we have dubbed the internal manefesto of this the – Electropunks that all go around and sort out issues in the day to day administration of this encyclopaedic reference to a lot more than just a dance scene.


3 thoughts on “Doof: See Della Real Food can Dance!

  1. Interesting as it is when adding catering; all you need to do on the flyer is put for more of a family event as some of including myself have children now; is to put a star on the flyer with something like – Food $12 (Compulsory)


  2. Clearly from the amount of open source I write regardless of whether it pays or not; which is volunteer community work and how I am neither a drug addict or seller of drugs; the people that said on the phone to each other the phrase they are “dodgy simon” are the truth in their on vapouriness of contempt.

    Cause there is no way; online in person could you at all believe anything as stupid as what most nicknames are quite the opposite to the individual.


  3. Well if you can’t hit-the-door here or make a call; then you have never made the step too immortality and beyond neither being able to pay to our bedchamber into immortality or beyond cause I can sit here like I have before for billions of years if need be in a government housing unit-ed and watch the tide of death engulf who believer they are dodgy zealot fools; cause in magickal things like some of the facebook pages I can neither self consume ‘dodgy people’ or any way ‘sex slavery’ as per domains registered like which leads to epistemic paedophilia and childhood rape.


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