We use a licenced breeder – Fertility First (Hurstville)

If your wondering how I have had children as well as @sparcing and many other people within our crew and you will know this when it is happening cause our children who know and intuitively as family to send us one of there shoes each time they grow out of them it is cause we use a licenced breeder called Fertility First in Hurstville.

Partly why this is done is so we can segment the stupidity of the NSW Health system like they have been doing with me attempting to use our children and I have had one come to the door in their “Coming of Age” party not to make contact until they are 18.

This is for stupidity like and has disabled any use of what happened when my gizm went into the cronogenic store with what happens with chronolabs and produced various well all of our crews previous banking of our sexual reproductive systems so we haven’t go any sort of ability for your prostitutes or anything to have a gizm bag that actually works.

Number of shoes I have now been sent is well over 19 children here today in the very real environment that not only do I and we have out breeded them; but if you have any sort of pictorial imagery in memory of that place then you have children as well in the here and now (angel). In there attempts to prevent in mix and matching us having children they have lost the game of life against the folly of the zealot fools they are.

They not only use an encrypted hard drive system; but it one I was previously involved in writting in ubuntu so no one not even the way someone has dial-a-harddrive to get previous party photos like the ones when we where all dress in military fatigues.


One thought on “We use a licenced breeder – Fertility First (Hurstville)

  1. Why was this done; for the simple reason a large proportion of us in chronographics have had our entire families who don’t even like most family look like they are genetically related and are fake; this is so we don’t have an obtrission and birth maid scandal any more and our families and the families that are part of us which is the gateway to breeding into the population can be stopped in anyway.. I think handling time-traveler stuffs like this has been the most fanciful and facinating journey for that crogenetises.

    Also I know with the dick-phone severed at least 5k a pop to get access to us our children and their childrens children geno bank turns up and it always goes around differently — will always not only have a composite of our education be educated; have a good home; not have a sore bum from nappy rash and always be feed and loved…


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