My OOP Food representation — Toffee (Angel is Taffy)

Believe it or not as a multifacet individual that having more than one OOP representation mine is the earliest forms of candy called – Toffee! On their malformed world most of the food preparation recipes are with this for “Sour Brittle” not “Toffee” the difference is using vinegar (Where they don’t put enough) instead of Vanilla!

To Make Toffee Mk3 the following you will need:-

  • White Sucrose Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Water
  • Yamate
  • Gurenna

You prepare the mixed by mixing all the ingredients and bring to boil and when it is in a gelatinous state putting over apples or fruit for the most basic typals of candy that come well before wonka!

Taffy is the same recipe; but it is air rated with using a hook of sometype and pulling over and over again this is also known as pulling taffy until it is a milky cloud and you make strips; anything within measure with these two will need to add some vinegar for sour brittle otherwise it will all disappear or explode!