Gippsland Dairy — A Future Product!! In the Shelves Today!


See in my and Robin Spratt’s forest blockading days; Gippsland is a major cross road for logging the southern highlands of the beyond the blue mountains; Robin the President of Chronolabs came to me to ask me how and what to do about stopping the native forests from being torn down and I replies – In gippsland near by when after I looked at it; make it through the courts you have to have a percentage of the iron bark and native timbers donated and build drawbridges on the main entrances to the area! No they even have a moat all of them; you know old imperial structures with the works spikes the lot!

Ever since all the road changes and application went as the local “council” supported it as well put the drawbridges in which I ask robin unless I was “escorted” by him or to appear closed to me as well as other parties. Which is part of the reason I have been making hideous sexual luendioa like buying and those facebook pages of complete there mirror of self consumption cause it means I like the children that following will never be ever possible to be sexualised in any intrinsic manner; especially through the Gippsland!

So there has been no more logging; the thing is inside now years later atlas’ of Australia show a eighth state called Gippsland — which is how there is now dairy products from it still in the supermarkets to me at least and those buying products from a future point of Australia; the internet displays odd things in there to; changes around on sunset to sunrise all very interesting for the people of Gippsland which include Canberra and Thredbo down to parts of Victoria.

You know I even went to the point of rounding up the then ASIC Board in a meeting and got them to mail through the Gippslands; so at least my will survive, like the building; which would probably erase a lot in a day or too at some point; now what was that trigger I think mentioned; a stoney holiday to Gippsland…

3 thoughts on “Gippsland Dairy — A Future Product!! In the Shelves Today!

  1. Well if you think my intentions ARE ANYTHING but from the best to be sort with your worship of chewing children cheeseburger and junior burgers in there mouth and awarding “royalty” the measurement of that paddy of meat like it says in pulp fiction then you are already in to be culled — you will neither tarnish my name ‘cipherhouse’ nor entree on my creed of – We never forgive — no matter for what your folly; for I neither seek to hear or find any solicitous in me knowing why I forgive; shit I will never forgive; like being stuck a matt for longer than you know existence; shit knee forgive you for rape of the child!


    • I neither have too nor be the trigger on the mechanism for all you know and yourselves ceasing to exists by dawn I am both of science and magick and you fault on your jeers and encostment forever nullified to existences.


      • You are nothing but a rerun episode of a delusional mind; you neither listen to reason; communicate you go in an eigenflow of hate for what you created; I can reseed and bring my own a solicited thought on sunrise; you purine like the vision you place me so high is on your own brows and the termination of malformation and malfirmation suprise!


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