Future Plantings — What we bought today from going to the hardware store

If anyone would like a cutting which will be one of the future plants that none of you will recognise; as if you notice I am able to follow: @ictynews — which means I and Elpiniki with everything around is being used like my internet to orchestrate war crimes being able to follow that one court.

2015-06-15-140819_3 2015-06-15-140819_5 2015-06-15-140819_6 2015-06-15-140819_8

This is from the reptilian draconian house which is what someone land will be donated to once there is no such thing as a ‘British’!! I like to thank them for porting this Future Plant to us; her is gorgeous elpiniki thinks it is a dreadlock plant; and I wonder if anyone could maybe with a cutting as it is also a creeper succulent see if it will germinate with guanga so we have a ground creeper with THC!