Credit/Credits Fiscal Enumerators

The currency are simple you replace the dollar with a credit system; to remain in float in the physical name of it so the AUD would be AUC in a TLA; there is one well two polls in trade between the northern and southern hemisphere with individual board pips and trade metrics as they are the basis on land mass on either side of the equator is what the basis of your currency is in vertical or flip side of it; this is the logo for it:-

Digital Credit

You will notice the remainder symbol following the primary credit value is 5/8 full for a bolder easier read on small screens. This equatorial also applies to the vertical one as well; there is this “zone” you will only requirement for survival is money in some parts in the mining and flight equatorial as well as the pivoting axis of north and south.

This is called a “credit” which you replace your currency noter with – the same principle applies with arcade machines and having a credit to play pinball or arcinoid!