Ethnobotanically Derived is the only Medicine @DEANews @NSWHealth @DrAShulgin

Believe it or not every couple of hundred years since miracle tonics in the yesteryear’s of history we remind the pharmaceutical companies that the only Medicine is always the principle in medicine which is Ethnobotanically Derived; that is something that reproduces itself in chemical chains or from chemical chains only found in the natural native foral and fawner of the population.

The word ‘Ethnobotanically’ is like ‘Language’ but in chemistry it indicates that it transposes, translated between hand and crest of the individual prescribing to prescription. All the chemicals you find on are ethnobotanically produce; and the ability in the Australian book or chemical works means we will forever be able to add % real fruit juice.

See I will use this example how to make a proper anti-psychotic which none of them they current prescribe are in anyway cause that have no documented proof they reproduce themselves in chemical chains in the forests of the world; locally or abroad; which is part of licencing medicine not medaline they current give out.

You say get either MDMA or Mescaline; which the Mescaline is the better general purpose chemical as it is always none-corrosive to tissue in all parts of this; and the MDMA is a warm belly (Which i have provided the instructions to sra????? how to produce and what developer to use in growing this crystal); you then remove the beta block which is a small component of the chemical chain that provides that “whoo” party drugs experience; you then for example get the anti-psychotic that occurs in marijuana/guanga called CBA; which is what makes it consumable and why there are normally in correct balances like any medicine a good gift of smoke and this simply locks into the chemical like lego this sentimentalization repeats itself with components and bricks in make real medicine; all through ethnobotanically