I could take all the credit but the patients of thousands it missed with to much focus have just as much creds!


I could take all the credits for the windfall of natural living eigien in that lively placement in life we have as a Ciperhouse but there are 1000’s in the next categories that know they are as just impressible in wining every Emmies and Oscar all in one hit; each individually all at once every day on sunrise; get up and say your acceptance speech!

See it has so much focus on what it can’t clearly see the text on the screen as written and heard off the screen that is missed all the people in similar walk-a-bouts and functional dissipation of synergy each where the most insignificant thing might seem not much but it is the basilica simplest items that is has the hot seat with:-

So you all know who you are; that is not going unnoticed and not recorded; but in the following there are numerous of individual that contribute in the methods they can and placement in heartless sickening accuracy with point point malice; in at least the following categories, let it be know you will be known for your achievements:-

Music Artist and Produces
Sports Celebrities and Players
Domestic & Industrial Scientists
Anarchist Management Systems
Food Producers & Farmers
Council Workers & Maintenance Staff
Office Clerks & Managers
‘The Used’ by They~self Epistemic System
Youth & Community Projects
Law Enforcers & Political Leaders
Most of all my genetic family!