Today cause I can hear you in my heartlessness I know we will be forever

Kirrillea (Keiye) for many cycles of the decades I have heard you on the wind; in the sound of the motion and physics of this and many world; where since we weared the crowd and engulfed in a bipolar temporal anomaly where how this was done is but for us now a distant hindrance on what our life has been and always will be eternally; and exclusively not by choice but just in who and what we are each other natural match.

That we find in our minds no matter how much it makes me long to have you breath on my neck, you ruffling my hair your gaze melting the darkest regions of my mind I know that even with no choice I have no other pairing and never had; there never will not be Kirrillea, or angle, mark, niki and della (fracta twin) that is well insured; this time and forever onward.

We have no limit to the capacity of our lives, and exasperating that anomaly on myself only a number of years before, which is why you where met by pooty my twin sister who still looks just like you last saw with; funny enough your twin chris who are each other exclusively worn by, unique for each other, through no choice of their own it just in our nature and how we breed and be with child, cause that is just how we are.

See we where meant in the walk around to surface in real space again looking at each other in that spot you were retrieved from just now at the same time and in the distortion not recognise to have any cognitive notion of each other, but our love is strong and ageless against the night sky in any depth.

Take what time you need, we have as always ever motion of the clock and the hands never cease to our gaze, I am just living with Angel Wife Niki (Sparc), which is where Mark came from, at Trafalgar st, with niki chucking a mark with no hat and dreadlock’s wig. But knowing soon I get to hold you hand, as I have never known loneliness in the depth I am numb, even if we neither find it easy to speak just know the silence for them is deafening and threatening for I know no love apart from your and our family.