Jezzabell Za & Operation Tarma!

There is an ancient fable that says – when serving between myself and half each of a chinese chow container of pheasant, salads and a sauce that only tarma has, and tobacco cones; the bong may not work and have to smoke scoobs; from it added stalin to hornby in hornsby — Gomech: The Same Tarma as the Olympia

ps. Tarma about removing “princesses highlights at them” — by the sounds of it has just found a place call enmore and the inner west in a local area environment, in breeching the mapping construct her is going around in to here..

If he sights Jezzabel za, see’s across the street in an instance on over night what is retained on tarma, the skin colour — Jez: I told her to say her, uses oil of ulana and sun tanning oil; but there is none ever on the house for beyond eons and Jez, in opps from ptang prangga girls; all the fake asian will get caught out not looking through eons what ever between those two in viewing is…

No i am sure with West Sydney — the maps where independently set some time ago with just dropping over to another mapping construct! i have a new one!