Being Invasive is just the finest marketable sense for the Invaders!


Invaders A collaboration of invasive species.

As one of the tallest and the tallest thing about me is me and my families ears and butt crack and being tallest blue which is a primal colour as you know, also my favourite hair colour, we lead as the tallest a collaboration of species called: Invaders

This is our military standard, which changes in view of the user, it is normally tattooed behind the left or right ear and morphs in environment and place, the one you see here of me is the centroidal plexus of the tallest, there is also with two or three eyes at times and sometime the single eye is seen as the central focus and symbiont release/relationship of the tallest to each other and the kindred they lead.


Not only does being an invader be a more and most marketable word in diplomatic and war time, it also stops any self consumption and negates any invasive means on the collaboration in that magickal sense of physics. Better than any old hat poofy star-name or galactic something organisations.

Also means you can switch on that old arcade game; Space Invaders ~ in real life definition on outlay lying areas, no body has ever even or any numeracy managed to pass level two on even an 8086 or XT!