Did you tell Simon you where Dodgy!

Marcus Carcass the carcass bean counter, in the previous phase of this history, asked me to walk around and let all the dodgy individuals indicate to the name Simon, they where dodgy cretins.

If you once said in reference to our footing, “Dodgy Simon” — then you have been able to produce the sound in front normally for Mr, Mrs, Ms, Mx, Dr, Prof, etc. That your in fact dodgy as an individual or entity. You will not be exhumed on basis that your functional basis it not to understand in punk and electropunk most nicknames are as this, quite the opposite to the individual; normally dodgy is a group indicator so when people are in a “knowing” group and someone comes to conversation and refers to the “dodgy” indicator it is shown they are indeed in reference to being a dodgeball, dodgy cretin and in no ways accepted into the grouping mind of electropunk which operates in the Inner West Sydney in conjunction with Sydney Punk rock in our peers as well as systems of tattooing and piecing rails.