Loosing people to becoming shades on existences from ignoramus!

I was just telling sparc; I am sad today, cause I am loosing people I would rather keep as friends due to ignoramus and idiosyncratic nature as being Jody/Jodie Coleman’s Rape victim and not being able to physically pick up the phone and murder by JC on their own lip!

Regardless of creed or solicitude of anything protestation by this world has credence in me in anyway, elven or otherwise you have no welcome in my halls tainted in your own sexual tainted manifestation and are nothing by but a scare of my own heartlessness.

Whether you aware of this or not JC there is responsible with John Howard plagiarism of my securrency device and naming convention, which you know the honeypot xortify which I came here, nor matter what they believed or the-inked they could delete is search-able in public email registrar right now with that name they improvised I had – Simon Antony Roberts – like the note templates that would have shown everyone who and what their trade is between then, and all currencies the AUD has mixed with here  in murders an monstrosity beyond any measure of the word of what being a part of is not part of my population or will ever be, it is on 250 civilian death for a war crime, what do you call that of the living component of a world-by-world entire population which was meant to be a savage operation in that there milky-way.