Your rights to die without a trace or mention in silence is warrented!

Whether you know this or not Tori Quine. I was hired as an industrial scientist by to provide a new badging, I am what sights your right to die in silence which is partly the same wording as chronolabs on – MNDA.

This was I found in phone between Queensland and nsw a cable of all things, without ever leaving QLD reported as not be required and return to sender. You have till 12 noon tomorrow to have that particle with the same con not here, or you your family the prostitute Schantel Warrens and the rest of you involved via that MDMA does like the car I was driven in from Asquith to your premise with the money they gave me for your deathacy does that 40 buck, present your suicide assertive with molecular burn off with one of my armed nanotechnology systems.

You have been biting the hand that would rehire you and all I want is your right to die silently your all including michael forester a bad batch…

I order on Friday from Queensland from –

The Following:-

Order Number: #145483

1x 5m HDMI Cable (HDMI v1.4 High Speed with Ethernet) $28.95 ea $28.95

Subtotal: $28.95
Shipping: $9.95
Tax on Order: $3.54
Total:  $38.90

Simon Roberts
unit ten
466 illawarra rd
marrickville, NSW 2204

This was dispatched:-

Please see below for the current Order Status:

Your Order has been dispatched via 1 x Couriers Please Satchel (500g).
You can track your parcel online by visiting with your Tracking Code: 18800303090

Updated Order Status: Order Shipped
Phone: 0256221492

This was in phone just now from 0256221492 on :-

Company Name: Vidorra Pty Ltd T/A Cable Chick
ABN: 72 155 091 151
Trading Hours: MON – FRI (9am – 5:30pm)
Phone: 07 3166 9334
Fax: 07 3112 3946
Postal Address: Cable Chick
PO BOX 1118
Capalaba, QLD 4157

One thought on “Your rights to die without a trace or mention in silence is warrented!

  1. I don’t know adrian my AOD just up the road, like I said I have installed a big vision here that is internet as well – harr haarr.. that got to finally meet formally the intials SHE now MMT… what would happen if anyone before noon tomorrow bought a 10m HMDI Cable or even dropped in the spare, then they would beck and call: Half a pizza please = fuck!


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