My daughters can be raised together for the first time

In all that as I bear testimony to like “Johnathon Franklin” on twitter, quite literal loud ice cold beats and what I have knowledge of is small children in audio recording being put in thing like industrial meat processor while being alive and intact at the start of it; which I neither substitute or condor.

Which at some point has dialled into us in the inner west to do with that show Gabba Gabba; it had shades of at least one family member my daughter indeed angel with black hair who was there so short her was like a dwarf and one of my grand daughter mark; with no dreadlocks which on sighting still had dreadlocks and her party hat della asked me to firmly attach to her head.

In our quite magickal family that being the same Angel from Angel and Willow, which you know if you notice in any “dayz of our lives” showing there is no visible computer or even a phone in that real-to-real but still a Nanotech Systems able to produce now a visible video relay!

They have cause Angel wife like her that generation in my family like their spouse but done quite the opposite to their children and spawn and likewise the persistence to the parents also the opposite to be when they are older than any walkable mass or planet in this region of space to be in the physical mind only a very young infant again at least in thought in our kin, which is how we have responded in kind anyway having what we can so far in family life have around each other in a lock-on to no taer the very ground from our feet style tantrums; we have not had!

See like Angels wife Willow (Elpiniki Iosif) — for the first time we get to raise them together, which is going to in other places we are not now focus here cause issues. Especially about the following Mia and Mark about your parents without really wanting being in their own child’s language or for us with the destructive nature it can have in-anyway and the environment in physical scale and size be affluent on like we know the tainted halls of the child here and their own physicality, but this loop will entail let you raise yourself in your own child’s language with that intrinsic link being before and now at the same time in-traced as the child right to life and live in truth.