PXE and getting into with @Ubuntu @Breakfastnews

Not only does it sound better on Ubuntu due to the way it has really apart from prints and some odd peripherals uses no drivers, it writes what it needs on the fly by on boot and run time executing a library called oscillio. This is an oscilloscope that ping’s around the board and works out what it needs to execute the system and operate. This is great cause a lot of people by form at at least if not just baby be-born have there own unique instruction sets and even models of chips in a computer that happens in transposition of the device. A lot of you by form even now with things like windows would find you get a Blue Screen of Death; the GPF fault, cause of this not handling the transposition of the device and hardware to your needs, which can also with any formicated life, change with the weather, rise of the sun or just a cup of coffee.

If you get the “System Error” dialogue box, this is a library called ‘whoopsie’ that essentially contains a run time for that dialogue box that even if something physically dials a windows or smacintosh library in the DJ or VJ of the device, they have had a “System Error” it actually Ubunny2 – Ubuntu.

The great thing is Ubuntu runs over 76% of the internet, a lot of people when they have a CPanel website etc. are running Ubuntu, and it is open source. Not closed source like Microsoft or Macintosh currently which means anything you do on it you are guaranteed to own your Intellectual Property, and unlike the previous mention it safe for children’s use and hold their IP in the retention of the family unit, not leeching via some child sex offender with the zinc based record player style hard drives into some none affiliate business chain in the physics of a Hard your discussion in the office about a concept that your business wants to do, then passing it with the fowl time mercurial-reverse effect society has been convulsion in time and spatial our lab Chronolabs, which we have gain our own traction’s  so they will go on their suicidal convulsion in time and spatial just themselves and their itself.

The Windows and Microsoft environment also contains a silent sound cop, much like that disk on the road car’s drive over and is only at the most spectra audio. Ubuntu is beyond spectrum audio it sounds and produce the best of he closest resolutions of audio delights and has a wide range of software that it has written itself with just a stupid large amount of plugins and effects. You can also run the windows software like Fruitloops or Reason, with either ‘WINE’ (The Windows Emulator) or the gaming version “Play on Linux” which both allow you to execute these windows and what most sound software is written in the Gaming platform.

How do you get Ubuntu — You need to download whatever is the latest ISO from releases.ubuntu.com and make with it a Bootable USB or DVD… If you want some help with this get in touch in my inner circles and associates… You may also want me to install a PXE service on your laptop so if anyone want to install Ubuntu from seeing what you have all you have to do is plug in with the RJ45 into their wired network and get them to reboot, pressing what is normally either F11 or F12 and it will boot over the network off your machine and allow them to check it all works then install within it or from the prompt.

Once that is done, to install the Sound and Video editing suites you will need too install a program called ‘tasksel’ this allows you to install different desktops as well as system types for production and other things, you may also want to install samba so you have windows/microsoft all networking. to install tasksel you go to your terminal and run: “sudo apt-get install tasksel“, put in the root password press Yes okey then when it is finished run the following too execute at root tasksel: “sudo tasksel“.

Thats about it 😉