What is left of ‘Renderments’! @Breakfastnews

See this is the really oddity I found in spelling in backtracking the word ‘govern’ it is what in older styles of English is an adjective and a Verb this is also now know in today’s spoken English as a ‘pronoun’ in all conditions. With a pronoun or also known as an adjective and a verb. You can only add to the end ‘ing’ or ‘s’ and in this condition ‘ed’. It is a malformed language encapsulation with the word ‘meant’ with no ‘a’ in it slapped on the end. So I think it time to refresh something so at least it is using a word called @openrend or Open Render~ments; the dictionary definition for ‘render’ is for this is as follows:~



verb (used with object)

  1. to cause to be or become; make:
    to render someone helpless.
  2. to do; perform:
    to render a service.
  3. to furnish; provide:
    to render aid.
  4. to exhibit or show (obedience, attention, etc.).
  5. to present for consideration, app roval, payment, action, etc., as an account.
  6. to return; to make (a payment in money, kind, or service) as by a tenant to a superior:
    knights rendering military service to the lord.
  7. to pay as due (a tax, tribute, etc.).

verb (used without object)

  1. to provide due reward.
  2. to try out oil from fat, blubber, etc., by melting.


  1. Building Trades. a first coat of plaster for a masonry surface.

See if you look at dictionary.reference.com/browse/govern unlike the word unlike a real word for this that has both a verb and a nounality, the word ‘govern’ do not have a physical presence there is no listing for the word govern in accepted displays of language that is anything other than an action a verb, which means leading the people in exactly how many time you have said the sound: ‘cunt’ and are a leader of a ‘country. it will never be using any form of governator.

Just remember the name ‘Renderment’ was original found via a thesaurus on line looking for a better word, don’t know what has textual ‘DJd’ if you like the word ‘renderment’ which unlike government which is “outside the scope of physical definition the word render as a key and #OpenRend fix’s and always has unlike ‘Govern’ for short hand as Rend some character definitions in all basis of the world around us and here. So if it is Rendering, Rendeer, Renderious or even Renderment it is a proper world world in being refresh from distances of future to now, that all parties and systems can communicate on open and greater that comprehensible systems of rendering for the population they lead.