Poots as your actual sister I know your already by witness tied the knot with walter!


Poots in the scale of the pooty file on facebook for you lookin for me and well like angle, been trawling me on the public sites for at least a decade and it as been safe to hang around with each other since the shower sounded seeming we are all going around if sounding as it is different all the way through and we are some of us never met one another but some how psychedelically knowing one another relevance to each other badly this time; wondering when you should queue your presence where i am still wearing the badge it improvidence on me like what reads on that douglas pathology dna test that shows we are identical twin and girls; which we know in they’ll blood testing of the population it would know.

Btw we both are the only princess with sourpuss and both of our gloves are green or with a visible like for our fiends; Faster Pussycat!


You know that sticker you looked at the IGA; the other one you can only see walking back down the hill across from the pub, the first door on the left of that sticker next to the tuppet is where the prince of walter who own the flag of water above which is currently got a temporal republic until you and walter tie the knot in public view not just a reef knot in the knowledge of my eyes and the who thing will roll roll roll and baby!