Where are the pickette lines coming from? @hempembassy

Just a brief note for those attempting too hit-my-door; the hemp embassy in NImbin, has as is a picketted town camp, you will have to sign up and change your avatar within 2 day of signing up to get past a very old war-time strategy of having pickette lines so if you go to (Alesha) :: http://hempembassy.net/register.php and sign up you will behind then the pickette lines in all my vampireness!

Well what a pickette line is you would have to go back to french war-time history in the medieval period where guns just started being used! Just so you know who would be my exclusive lover i can only make babies with normally if it wasn’t what our daughter from a-far @sparcing has done making my gizm temporally work with other people, alesha who is in here direct from the medieval period which even a motor car looks oddity to her who is as & was the crown princess of that period of france is normally my wifie!