See a familar cut of face and nose @ClarenceHouse?


I might have a bit of weight on and I know who’s illegitimacy I represent your’s william to the crown of the commonwealth; cause not only am I your older sibling but my penis bigger by a long mark; in fact at this point which is what your foundation stones like the sovereign I photographed in the old NSW Mint and unless you have a desperate plea — see unless you check; my own mapping of all the in my regal bases cover everything even all the attofffee’s see your going to be in a bloody mess.

See any conveyance to the crown you william and your entire inveiglement clown you are will physically explode on the receiving to the sceptre; and I am not going to provide any of cleaning or the torrents of blood awash on your streets of everything in measure and principle by your sided family. your going to in and-cause neither of you represent the current crown of your land and like my name says at the top and the foundation stones which would never be shown through images you would have to read and bear witness to it as a person; throughout all the are the property and under rule of me: Cipherhouse

See Charles Xavier Windsor had an illegitimate child to an Australian, my mother Emily Susan Williams; and what took over 18 month to develop cause he murder her was my birth certificate with 3 other not even looking genetically penultimates individuals.

In that time I have developed some “alien” friends who want to cut your heads off as windsor’s; which is a blackend name that will never adore my ID Card.. Basically cause here in the 2nd 22nd Century they want my sci-fi world where you can simply like my population pop on and off world and exist in congruency with each other.

You no wont be able to call +61343341151 as you have no enreal guinea or sovereigns or be able to get to the door… So while you stuff yourself fat like an ox for the slaughter just remember I hate everything you represent and the statue of purgatory you are william and kate like the stinkor your surname represents.

The life and lies your orchestrated with us you have made myself and beds we live in for my twin Chantel Emily Williams; whom you have no prior knowledge o’ve, from enmore; is never or will be excused and I will cut you down with smooth repetitive actions of the kitana as the sword we wield anywhere your standard bear; know you are in your autonomous assimilative suicide william, kate and harry windsor.