Did you tell Simon your dodgy?


Well basically Marcus had me for sometime going around in letting people tell me Simon they are dodgy, I personally am not a dodgy cretin, that is evident in the donated works I do as well as the community software development I do, they in an old punk regatta had me in a poise where people would tell me they are dodgy.

This is the truth of it, so anyone that said to me “Dodgy Simon” being able to change miss or mister or what should have always sounded sirette to dodgy you certainly are. Most nicknames in punk rock are quite the opposite, you will notice I even come up in music from the 19070’s like the sex pistols, which even they note I am not dodgy at all.

In-fact you are the swampy masses that exist in puriality of life you represent, your in fact very much a dodgy liveless blob that clearly shows you have always represented the dodginess of social endeavors.Especially with me going around as the classic male impersonator and you not being able to hear the flow of fluids and liquids from my feet.

Nont:~ Self Consumption Lack of being able to