Why stencilised logo work best it comes down to young child cognitive memory using the @NSAGov as the example @ABCNews24

NSA-Logo-National-Security-Agency-4As you can see the current “Government” not @OpenRend ~ Renderments logo for the NSA it can be clearly noted that the endless use of the bald eagle through all these departments and lesser entities makes it unable for example young children to clearly distinguish the difference between various American departments and facilities.

The logo is two busy there is no border or function in the logo or anything that can be flash glanced, you have to peer at it and take more than a moment to idenitiy the board function of the NSA as a cryptographic museum and a place to bitmap files so making the data thresh-hold of physical data take to a bitmap of it, which would take upto 5 year to recreate the data from it making sensitive and dangerous material cold.

This is the sort of or logo you would probably use for the NSA in Open Renderments; it helps it deliver the news anytime it wants and people and young children having an identifiable logo; when it comes down to it simpleness stencil’s always work in the finest shadows of the mind.-