Has it ever occured to you your nothing more than auchestrated liars!! @BarackObama @JohnKerry

Has it ever occured to you; your nothing more than a dog act and a liar Barack Obama; see I am the one with the passport M8747409 – Which is a MMMMM Military passport; of what I am the main internet founder; who’s is hard headed and you have not paid let alone my salary for at least 30 years; you haven’t provided any pay-back or accounting levy’s which you have with my wife living on 245 AUD a week in a housing department place here look at my passport:-


The fact that you abandoned me as the main founder of the internet and the numbers in scientific notation are recorded in the offending currency’s on the public notes section of that passport that has been stolen off me. Let alone that this is proof you will abandon any solider or military personnel as well as leave them like I was in Queensland on the streets for over a year cause of your greedy fucking malicious lies your portray like Vinton Cerf delusion who only followed my code examples on comp.protocol didn’t actually invent shit of this life your malignant fool heart zealot life indicates.

Lets look at the balance of today’s accounts shall we:-

Screenshot from 2015-07-20 10:33:50

How the hell does the internet founder actually no have the ability to over draw the account at all; your nothing but the smiling fool and likewise I abandon allway you are and be!

The sadistic thing is; those scientific notations of what you have stolen from me have become so big as number you can’t calculate them they are for you a quantuptillion a number you have in no way throughout all evolutionary means to store or calculate.

How about I just with my family like my twin pootz at some point all simultaneously die at you; and re-occur on our consciousness layer elsewhere so when you funeral us; the internet and the ability to send a signal through a cable all stops and you have no way ever or the species off world included to ever in any numeracies route a signal.. Period..