Cold callers are unable to also call +61343341151 (Sydney)

It has been like this since the 1945 when telecommunication first started hear for me; people are unable to call me on the phone all they get is an engaged sound; in fact it even plays the engaged tone on a can-on-a-string.

For example; it is impossible to carbon date my hair or saliva that is why what is a component of the CYP450 carbon date stamping an individuals DOB reports: Unknown for me cause I am older than this total region of space.

We never receive in any numeracy even a prank call or telemarketer calls; we only lately have had calls from the following people and we know Barack Obama has been attempting to call me like with what he said on public prime time TV: Cipherhouse I am attempting to call!

The only people I have ever received a phone call of apart from Michael Dagn, who is the focal system of this and might want to get rid of that smacintosh iPhone for the new MPie phone I bought herself are the following people; and not who I would love a call from Chantel my Twin who lives in marrickville:-

  • Androniki Iosif
  • Angelo Iosif
  • Josie Iosif
  • Annette Roberts
  • Neill Roberts
  • Martin Roberts
  • Nathan Roberts
  • Marrickville Community Health
  • iiNet
  • NSW Police
  • Andrew Psaila
  • Commonwealth Bank

That is the rough of the hit list; the rest will be attached in CSV generated from the impression of this bogg!