I and pootz have no parents and can’t be carbon date stamped #CYP450

The CYP450 test is a saliva test which is used for metobolic and general readiness for the current and any up and coming compatibility test with the medical drug chains on offer. This one shows I have an adverse reaction to even food additives additives; something else it does in all the child abduction is pin point someone DOB or DOC..

You will see on this where I supplied a secondary buckle swab for the carbon date stamp something they would have access to on medicare this DOB is marked clearly as UNKNOWN!

As well as on page 3 you will see I am more evolved having evolutionary aspects. Be a problem if the metric in the enliving like myself gave up on them and died at them got some bowl pains bit of blood i don’t usually cough up; with me and DOB: Unknown, ceasing all of creation to start from scratch as the same individuals without any of them entail.. period.. end transmission..

Especially in the pretense of what I was physically informed their symbol of eternal life (Andrew Dixon) the OOP for the anke symbol is dead! Exactly how moronically dumberfied for how you feel then; thinking soon enough the lappice of matter itself will uproot soon enough and tear every multiversity and region even unknown from the challace of the living and life and cease to be…

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4 thoughts on “I and pootz have no parents and can’t be carbon date stamped #CYP450

  1. If you have contacted or been in contact with either me or pootz then you have been isolated as the root causality of the destruction of all of life the living and everything entailed about it; through your owned starvation of our resourced systems that are honed as we have each had Mr and Mrs Drake and malestrom contact us on several occassions who have also directed you at us n sound and vision as we know seeing them our own death is… your soul responsibility.


  2. Well to sit around in a mental health clinic of some description or for any medical consolidation that can’t even or in any numeracy oddly display a writen annuculised word — I refuse all offers of an industry that can’t say or have an enreal word in any world, globe, sphere etc…


  3. Your murder of my twin if that is physically true in sound; who is the other component of the toffee twins – the mothers of creation is your own serbitude and suicide of all of creation glad you voted for assistance..


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