Act like a cave-person night or for lunch @JoeHockey


Have you ever experience in numeracy or had act like a cave-man or cave-girl night. This is when you get from the butchers and get some leg hock of your critter you normally eat, not with huge amount of meat on it; just chunks of it on the off cuts and bake them in the oven the bigger the bone the better; you might have to order this specially cut from the butchers!

You will have to wait for them to cool the bone; the bigger the bones the better up to dinosaur sizes of bones a giant boned is better for the effect and then eat with no utensil’s just straight from the bone like cave-people would have after this period in chronologistic’s we are in the 2nd 22nd Century of the New World!

Cause as well whatever the word for life (Cause I am eternally and ever enliving as an encarnate at least of my attributes;  enreal) is it started on the Internet in the Early 21st Century!

You know we are still attempting to instant message mortals so they don’t make themselves more mortal (For example recent births care of Dr. Jones in sydney where the obstetrician and family immediately burn up into dust from timely variances, or start going translucent and fade from existence) in death attempts of an immortal from things like:~

what I check in the vet’s mimes was a blue with white striped syringe last time in hospital injected in my arm multiple times; brightly coloured like all veterinarian injectable all self contained at 375ml of horse neurasthenia serum; which due to cusp in stolen money and bank fee’s you will never be able to turn off and will get worse and worse; cause of the fraud Elpiniki Iosif had done to her by apparent family and then sectioned too the Office of the Protective commission to mention also the stolen dowry of his at absolute maximum any-time her even opens a new paypal or fiscal any ledger or account!