The correct usages of the basic language carets & character mapping – Indigenous Languages

You might be familiar with language caret’s but not know how they work, in this blog I will explain from the ubuntu language character mapper as seen here:~


Just the start of the alphabet and basic language carets in the following characters: à, á, â, ã, ä, å.

The transient caret which is ã with the squiggle is a transient caret means to be travelling within the through the function of the start of the wording, before and after the word used, normally will only appear on rare occasions with: à, á

The sitting outside of is another transient that is with the O above it like so and only centroidal to the word: å

The one that means the word appear outside of plus by centroidal of the word and is like the first mention is: ä – this also appears in casting of Arabic with the same simulating of the two dots.

The other three these ones: à, á, â are accenting normally á only appears towards the end of the word which can also contain either a transient or adjacent accents of: â where accenting at the basis of provocation at the start of the word only has: à which also instead of any á can appear with a transient at the end of an appendices of other characters with carets!