Hitting-the-door you probably have a door admission fee!!


The only first gig I went to was when I was binded with Alesha before when we both married and kissed Elpiniki Iosif as it is recorded at RBDM. Nobody paid our door fee of $10.00 at a Gabba night let us both binded in the cheap casino in that republicans bar; on the princes highway, where the greek flag fly’s before you turn off to Randwick with someone called Johnathon Franklin (DJ Zietgiest) playing what sounded like binded with Alesha to both of us Children being put through meat processors living.

The only other night we have been out to was an industrial night where poison ivy (Rebecca Seymour) paid their $10.00 door fee; to hit to the door at any of our addresses you have probably acquired in screaming ismål of portal of doom, a door fee to in any numerator’s hit-the-door.

I am sure the water tap will tell you what this is that is payable over the counter at any bank or via EFT you can find on my twitter Cipherhouse various screen capture of online banking for an account number for your late fee’s.