Maxim & Sid my Duel Tandem Ringmasters ~~ Tight-wire + Juggling Act

Scary-Clown-631.png__800x600_q85_cropActually you wouldn’t know this but I am a part of Maxim & Sid’s Circus, when my weight was down on top of doing the web design at places like the Rainbow Children’s Circus; they taught me with a approved inspected tight-wire how too do the tight-wire when I don’t have a shake and I can judge while doing it, so on all performance on stage with me in that doo diio dooo idieoe you are always on a physical tight-wire with me as well as having to juggle and Maxim and Sid have removed the safety net.

I haven’t seen Angel number two, be nice to catch up with the crew I have been on a splinter run for awhile about the unusual FTP Service we found with commands that were not standard in Hornsby at the time; and what I noted later some other none affiliated circus did a take-over on their domain.

This is partly why I operate in a cooperative which are one of the few business’ that can cater for a circus site or any form of web design for the subject business’ with-in the same uniquely for their own social structure that cooperatives are also a part of in their own charter at the United Nations.

Hey Maxim if you are reading this can you get rid of your windows box and use no Microsoft at all; what I recommend is Ubuntu, it is at no charge and everything has more power oohuh uhu huu you can get the ISO from — I run the version before often latest releases are for future hardware combinations.

If you want me to reload your equipment the environment is clean and untainted here and you can pass me the smoke for the family index! Also I have established a domain registrar which is at (No front entrance we have to know you for a login to be set up) which afters VPS, Virtual and fasted fixed servers as well as a complete complement of TLD & gTLD that will never be taken over we current hold and serve (It is the first time we have found a place and made it a solid fixture that can’t be hacked!); just need o browse for my phone number and address for the door in!


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