@ictynews mine is fortnightly, niki’s every 3 weeks, I had mine last week @NSWHealth #AusPol


As you can see this is a none legally binding letter, it is missing the classic examples of any duress of postage and delivery of mail like a stamp; and a seal stamp. It is not by any standard since before the dark ages possibly direct or indirectly pointed to the motion of maybe someone saw a spooky website and wanted in inhumanly experiment on beyond and immortal; we are still trying too IM = Instant Message mortals to not make themselves more mortal against our physicality..

The letter is crude lacks any decent grace of a written language as seen here:-


This is going to frustrate you Dr. Jones and Sean Cumiskey, but the police are not going too respond to you for myself and mental health, cause they have psychiatric evaluation groups and staff and suppliers to the police; which included open source development, Cisco equipment and internet itself ~ it is also for trauma you have clearly exercise on me as a formal of type of treatment and they can clearly see there is nothing wrong with me in anyway, I don’t do substance abuse, I am not violent or have any history of violence on my file, my last recorded charge was over 15 years ago and I only have 4 offences on the police file.