Fortification of Wine and Drug Manufacturing!

One thing I know about drug manufacture why we don’t have a scourges board of choice in the streets even with services like the silk road, is a lot of the chemicals for them are controlled and need special licences shipping and distribution methods too even obtain some of them. However simpler drugs like Crystal methamphetamine to remove most of the ingredients for example would stop coke-a-cola and Pepsi for example from even being in the supermarkets in just an example of industrial machinery and cleaning.

The thing is for example about Crystal methamphetamine is the chemicals often used for them are not pharmaceutical grade and are industrial solvents etc. Which haven’t had heavy metals like mercury and led removed from them, they also as ingredients for meth have retardants in them the purposefully when making meth try to knock as much of the chemical bonds in the meth from one another, which are effective too a point of making lesser strength amphetamine’s. Well this is how you make pharmaceutical grade drugs and it is just like the fortification of wine, you simply get a large flask, a Bunsen burner and some crystal clean h2o and put it through a condensing chamber.

It makes the process a bit longer cause the product out of the condensing chamber is water and purer amphetamines with no retardant that stays in the flask or in the condensing process from the steam of the water soluble substance in the flask hitting the cooling conduits in the condenser stay and solidify in the condenser being normally a cyclonical based product. This means you get the product out the end often to the power too in strength as it reforms the meth molecules and with no retardant properly forming. It does mean you just have to wait for the water to evaporate over a few days, but those instant crystals from the normal last stage of making lower strength lesser grade meth are both safer, stronger and less likely many times over to have mercury or lead particles that short circuit receptors in the brain to cause schizophrenic like drug psychosis sometimes for many years!