Importance in Pharmacology to use Ethnobotanical Principles

Well believe it or not, something discovered in psychedelic chemistry which is one of the fundamental Human Aspects of the wilderness and how it adapts as plants an animals in a more or less biosphere on our planet which is an important attribute in pharmacology is that in psychedelic chemistry when the chemist takes the first doses of a new chemical, he then has to search for it cursors in the wilderness in plants and animals to see if the chemical has directly or indirectly reproduced itself in adaption to the living force of the ecosystem and the chemist and idiopathic nature of the two how even in our urban sprawl we are still entwined dimensionally and physically!

The same applies in medicine in western systems, when you first make a chemical and test it on rats, the same applies with the pharmacology basis of the rat and it’s plant and physical ecosystem in relational physics to it as an entity and likewise in human trials. For example if you can’t find the precursor which the drug should always be made from than rather than synthesis in the laboratory or synthesis on the basis of the cursors in the wilderness and plants and animals, when we evolve as people the chemical likewise rolls around like would a turn of music or some literature. This means your product is always adapting to the environment and humans of type there are on the planet at times.

I don’t think many synthesis chemicals used in medicine apply any principles of the source of chemical treatment which is ethnobotany and the search in it for better understanding of the aboriginal and relationship between them and the plant and animal species of the country or area of the chemical cursors for the variety of synthetic chemical you are prescribing.