Internet Protocol (IP) Stratum is currently operating unlicensed!

In 1993 as a young sprite that understood frame-relay, I decided to contribute under my name on comp.protocol. A lot of the adults where using fake aliases as the done thing on UseNet was then, but still as a pucky young 13/4 year old I decided to contribute to the threads about making an “Internet” which was discussion based on design of the now called IPv4 protocol, they where only up to designing PPP which was similar to IPv4 but used a cellular route, not one we have now with words. I redesigned PPP to what was titled IPv4 in the end, changing the cellular system which the numbering became what we call ‘Ports’ on IP Protocol and added a NetBIOS similar to the then Novell NetWare NetBIOS system, which is where TLD & gTLD’s come from. The person I was discussing this with is now dead and died of cancer I believe one of the founders of IANA.

He eventually took my idea and processed it to ICANN (which found my posts and countered his claim to the intellectual property of it). It was seen as a lesser popular structure even though it was used as it meant there would be ISP’s, Domain Registrar’s, Hosting companies and not just the then glyphic of telecommunication companies of the then day controlling it. Part of my encouragement is it allowed children to enter the internet market as well as adults and made it accessible to children. To use my intellectual property for the IPv4 protocol I charged 50c AUD per IP Node (That is a Number IP Address) of the IP Stratum for licensing it ($ 1.86 for IPv6), which after being verbally bashed by the IANA founder who said he was under a fake name and wasn’t going to pay, but still use my idea, ICANN got in touch on UseNet and made arrangements for payment to be forwarded when I turned 30 in 2008.

Then the spooks, being spooked by the emerging network called the Internet, the CIA confiscated the first 12 months or so of the forming of IANA and ICANN documentation, which means all the files on me where just forming, I am not sure if you believe Wikipedia and their entry on IPv4 it is inaccurate and you can see this if you look up the first site was displaying or on the Internet Wayback machine on, there was no route or Internet till 1996!

So what does this mean it means for example the following policies in companies are void:

  1. Employee Internet Usage Charter
  2. Internet Fair Usage Policy
  3. Internet Privacy Policy
  4. Charges for Internet Services
  5. Any Policy in Reference to Internet & IP Protocol

It also means for the government their laws are not water tight, far from it! None are worth the hard drives and paper they are printed on, being null and void until the IP Stratum Licensing Fee is paid! I have seeming the USA took stewardship of the internet made a program that will display on a choice of various company interest rates on the licensing fee, they can choose one and start making payment, I will note it in the program!

You do realize until the licensing fee on the IPv4 stratum and what has been sold so far on the IPv6 stratum is paid to Chronolabs all legislation, company policy and law pertaining to the internet is null/void. As Australia law defines I have 7 years for the term of the payment which was 08-12-2008. To present invoice and claimant against parties owing, where there was already a previous invoice to ICANN. IPv6 which uses the same stratum is a larger volume of chargeback against the payback in chronolabs and charged 1.86 AUD per node. The 7 year term is linked by international trade laws and legislation. The money for the stimulus in the USA Economy is coming from hedge funds like the 38 trillion of IANA over the last few years since 1996. I hope they decide to pay so Chronolabs (The Suburb/Town/City) can make more large hedge funds in the USA to move there economy into a stable economical system through technologies and development of internet and the grid.