Is the Government in a Blade-runner with @Google, @Facebook & @Twitter and the likes!

Have you ever read the Science Fiction Blade Runner? The movie doesn’t do the book credit but basically at a time not long from now in the Gregorian Calendar the book starts by explaining that after omnipotent business’ like the here mentioned; had arisen to having their own armies and policing and over threw the then statutory government of over a 1000 years to run the planet as a group of conglomerate business, with no politicians, government law enforcement and all normal bodies provided by what we see as the Government legislation.

I am wondering when Vint Cerf CEO of Google is going to start modelling his mercenaries the way you find bits of Google built in to most government facilities like their Search Solution and Services you can busy yourself with in seeking more principle of search or when Facebook starts to have their own political party in the house of commons in London or even Twitter moderating the micro-blogging of MP’s.

It is all about this world of what I believe The Grid can be like with Cybernetics and the next edge in what the Internet becomes an airborne grid & wired internet system of communication!