Scraping the Currency Divide :: Online shopping missing feature!

One thing I will be building into X-Shop for XOOPS 2.6 is the ability to ‘Scrape Currency Divide’. What is this, well in different countries and markets we have different exchange rates, as well as people in similar position around the world paid, marketable different amounts of money for example an Employed programmer in Sydney would receive on average around 2000 AUD a week in salary or contractual pay, where a programmer in India might only take home 350 USD for a weekly salary or contractual payment rate (If they are lucky).

So for a programmer in Sydney to pay for a service online like SEO lets say spending 45 AUD on a service for their own personal website, but for the Indian programmer this is not possible as they have other services like food and rent to pay which is marketably comparable across the globe. So what does the ‘Scrape Currency Divide’ option does, this allows you to set either a reduction or increase to product costs online as per their IP Location, so it seamlessly integrates with the shop, so say someone is viewing the shop from Indian and you have set for a 45% price reduction to the exchange rate of the rupee to the shop currency as a tolerance, the shop will have items that fluctuate and are affordable in the markets they are concurrently being viewed in.

This means with products they are affordable to every market on the basis of the currency exchange rate so you would have a bit of a history of the exchange rates to work out the standard deviation of the exchange rates verse, the current exchange rate as a ratio of the percentage the products are reduced for the IP Location! This is called Scaping the Currency Divide which also means your online shop will make a heck of a lot more money as you are making more sales!