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A number of dynasties/historical corridors when open source industries started giving close sourced industry a blade-runner in Government topology that like things do in the open fields they rebuild a number of letters went around between myself and a couple of other scientist about the best behavioural methods for things like the Hon. that appears in front normally of all politicians.

In west-minster politics traditionally the Hon. appears and is audited by the King court and the martial law it is held by, this is we’re the basis of this comes from which is the invention of politics in asia a number of thousand years ago when the martial artist that maintained the state decided to take a lesser role and came up with the asian system of the political life.

There is three TLA that exist in this now in Open Government, which is no longer just a metric that is checkable by the King were normally he/she would be able to going to somewhere like http://www.aph.gov.au or state parliaments and see the measure of what is Honourable and what is Dishonourable in the field currently. Now it is done by the wider community on a basis of footing and measure in Human aspect, which is was already but only checkable by the King Court in England, we’re now we can see if someone as they have all (hopefully) typed the Hon. that goes in the website and letters themselves when they enter the political cage. This like the way our signature change which is the King court unless they are being change or checked so no one can see online unless they are checking a document if a signature is real, the Hon. rolls between, Hon, Dis & Reh.

If you can’t see Hon. in front of the name of the minister you see on any of the websites or letters then it is likely they are in Dis. cause this is the only time it will not display, when this is the case all the documentation in their current sessions tenure should if they have everything in the human aspects of their role with Open Law in check contain a leading board of tiddlers, back-ticks and plus’ which should with (xx) afterwards to indicate the flow be able to allow them to go through their documentation to find what they need to fix in either themselves, the seat representation and it co-relation to the other seats in their school of leadership.

When it is tapered close to Hon. again it will general display to the opposition and any parties involved Reh. for Rehonorees? Which for a none-tenured period places measurement in Open Law, Open Government and the wider community that measure this, this is done but the natural human aspects of language and population, there is no way to check it, if by the basis of measure it is found the individual or seat of the individual is back in honour it will then display Hon again.

Basically if the leader of any of party see the fourth option of Un. then they are Unhonoured then the term of their employment in politics is over by the community abroad and within the measure of the population and environment they work within. Not only politics it also does this in Law Enforcement, Judicial Systems, Defence and a couple of other industries in open government.


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  1. Because this is all API Controlled in Open Rend the Dis. or Reh. is worn… And can flick around on scored at day crons, some people in signed2 might like being able to select dishonourable in certain signatures…


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