Wishcaft: all my family and friends are wishes not witches


This normally for use of conducting new flows of traffic is a wisheshat; for wishing the traffic not to drive in a place on the qos (road). WE have nothing to do with the commonwealth bank or witch/which bank slogon, we would live in a chronowealth seeming that timeless statement about; “Time is money” so all tyuie rebadge like witchs and warlocks are all in wishcraft like my and you know about usernames on sourceforge is not witchcraft.



4 thoughts on “Wishcaft: all my family and friends are wishes not witches

  1. We have different words for stuff like our covern is a krew; and for example our pets are a tactile tac not a cat or emma’s god! so they wont be able to curse us not knowing our dictionary or being able to link in to us… whatever the word for a warlock is I am sure it comes off my blog casting to mind like I do..


  2. You know our krew (covern) is over 5000 people strong, I have been a fringe dweller on them ever even since I went to newcastle’s fringe festival… I don’t know how to turn it off..


  3. And consist of both sides of energy with whitelighters and demonous… like that ahh actor from willow and angel you see and lives only 3 doors down the street on of the main demons


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