At 6:23:54 AEST tomorrow every pregnant women will miscarriage due to…

The reason there are no wormholes between Andromeda and Milky-way external or between is they are either side of the same coin but up close and personal. They keep constantly injecting my family with forms of euthanasia serum and are darditchuates in an obsession of getting more samples for specimen jars at places like Area 51.

Already 90% of the population on earth been born since 1990 has been born impotent apart from a few dope smokers, the spice is the gift of life, it leads to space travel; and it doesn’t help to start as there are physical cusp in it, le wee see due to my daughter angel just today being injected with the incorrectly re-bottled flupandixol which is normally a thermal dye that is orange and blue ~ these are bright blue with yellow; which is an older drug style safety marker they paint on them instead with what I her one of two mothers apart from Areashaie and her father Sparc, every women on sunrise on the part of the map (which is ingested) within the physical scope of the metric of this will miscarriage simultaneously in this and Andromeda.

Like I can hear in the industrial tinker; every foetus being ultra-sounded at the moment is reporting no heart beat, lifeless without any enliving force; just from the same antonymous downers of apparent health.

There is nothing that can be done about it either but wait and hope you don’t have intrinsic linking into this crime by Sean, Dr Jones of Marrickville Community Mental Health; the build-me-up as well as the zealots that refused to let entities like myself be myself and salvage what we could of this place from the curse of the milky-way.