AUSKey with the ABR and Ubuntu 15.04

Some of you might be wondering how to install AUSKey from with Ubuntu. This is a basic instruction guide, before you begin do the following update on your ubuntu you will need root access. Run the following commands:-

$ sudo su
$ apt-get purge oracle-java*
$ add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
$ apt-get install oracle-java9-installer

Now fill out your application for an AUSKey at: (There is a button at the bottom to click on); remember to either print the activation code and reference or save as a PDF when you finished the 4 step application

You will recieve an email which will have a link like so; you must do this in mozilla firefox by going to the link:

Once you have completed and finished getting your password sorted this is the screen you are greeted with success of installing an AUSKey from the ATO:-