Appurtenance to one side of Chronolabs Cooperative called Ethnobotanical Search

To Senator Lambie,

I am writing to you in appurtenance to one side of Chronolabs Cooperative called Ethnobotanical Search. It comes to my attention that your son suffers from methamphetamine addiction which is something you have to understand is something we have been researching as well. This product when manufactured correctly does little harm, but the solution that I know may seem discordance but it is with a dispensary.

See I have involvement with Industrial Chemistry and that is the ordering side of these components; where we have all the contraband turned off; it is a bit of a mystery to us where the components of these substances come from as all the chemical systems for food and industrial purposes goes through Creative Software (Glenhaven) chemical ordering system; where I worked for awhile and still sit as an associate; and none of the pharmaceutical grade for these substances are available. Which means they consist of Industrial Heavy substances.

See when a chemical is produce for ie. cleaning products; it isn’t stripped of it’s industrial heavy components; consisting of mercury, leads and other heavy metal still; which they the problem with chemistry isn’t hard to extract the substances needed from these used by example cleaning products; which are not fit for human consumption; in fact most mental illness from substance abuse is due to heavy metal poisoning not schizophrenia, for example when you have an industrial heavy substance not pharmaceutical grade it contains heavy metals which lock to the neurons and short circuit the mind; where if mental health was treating it as heavy metal poisoning it would find largely a solution to people ache’s and pains.

See if we set up a dispensary with pharmaceutical grade versions which are coined with the Australian made kangaroo; see ICE when it is manufacture needs to be passed through a condenser and also dyed the colour blue or puce, which both colours do it; which provides just due to the colour as is absolutely no violence and greatly reduces the addictive properties; I have trialled this with someone who I met locally and they find their patch is violence free. See the point of a dispensary is you have for example the following product available:-

  • Smokable Opiate
  • Heroin
  • MDMA
  • DIPT
  • Aussie Base Amphetamine (Whats wrong with drinking it)
  • Methamphetemine
  • Marijuana (In tobacconist, not 7/11 examples)
  • Range of PiHKAL/TiHKAL

These would be put under a egregious taxable item, with high which will more than qualified and the good point of the Australian Bush, is we have an exotic range of chemistry which means we will be able to include in most of the product real fruit juice extraction of the chemistry; which also marks the pills/bags etc with radiation indicator that is genuine Australian made. This would be available as a dispensary with a pyramid scheme to support people having their own ‘dealers’ that would be a security card to get in the door which is issued by police to the quantity they have been caught with (Being an Aussie Citizen) with their dispensary smart security card where that can depending on what previously caught with up to 25/50k street dispensary so they would work out at the most 5000.00g on the heightened servility of security and what the police dean but that is the highest extremity.

See with the ICE people are taking and I take some once a fortnight, as with these things; you can stop taking them (And I have up to 10 years) but then the usage catches up and you have side effects. But I have delft with the problems myself of Industrial Heavy substances which have there own inherit adjudicative ‘extra’ not being pharmaceutical grade and the ‘extra’ compounds in them are the addictive properties. This isn’t prevalent in the pharmaceutical grade, and the heavy tax item; keeps the money in the system rather than buried notes in the bush and covers easily the health and social needs that allow for services for drug dependencies to be A+++++ Grade and heavily funded by the actual function of this substance usage.

This all comes under harm minimisation and needle exchange a dispensary…